Girl shares her boyfriend's adorable request after she told him she was showering

Girl shares her boyfriend's adorable request after she told him she was showering

Ahhh, young love. There's nothing quite like it. The frisky passion and the sometimes risky trial-and-error business about what's acceptable in a relationship and what's not... let's just say that it's a great "learning period" in life.

For Sarah Cintron, she's been happily in love with her boyfriend for ten months now.

It's clear from their Instagram posts that they're a pretty solid-looking couple, but this was proved indisputable thanks to a hilarious text conversation Sarah shared that took place between them.

She tweeted a screenshot of their messages where she sent a quick text to inform him that she was showering. She captioned it by pointing out how "most guys" will reply with "send noodes". However, her boyfriend had a different request...

"Send me a picture of your hair up in a giant spike lol," he replied to her text. You know, like this:

Sadly, it's only so adorable because of the way many other guys react when you tell them you're having a shower: usually always some kind of lewd remark about why they're not there to join you, or otherwise just straight up asking for "nudes". Yes, we shower naked, but that doesn't mean it's got to be sexualised (seriously, have you seen what a girl looks like when she gets shampoo in her eyes while washing her hair??).

In any case, Sarah appreciated the cute remark about her being in the shower and obliged with the requested pic. Once you see it, you'll be glad he asked too.

shower girlfriend boyfriend story Credit: Twitter / @sarahmcintron

Just pure gold.

Sarah revealed that it was kind of an in-joke between them because she sent a similar picture once which he "still threatens" to post publicly. Well, looks like that's the end of that blackmail material.

Of course, when the tweet went viral, Sarah's boyfriend wanted to play cheeky and try to claim the fame for himself. "I'm funny," he tweeted, before hastily adding that his girlfriend was even funnier: "My girl is SO funny". (Nice save, dude).

Sarah decided to return the serve, joking that he was being "bitter".

But he replied that she "wouldn’t be famous without [him]."

It's clear from the shark fin shower request and their Twitter banter that the two are adorably in love. Sarah says that they've been going out for almost 10 months now.

And it's obvious that the whole thing has people getting all blubbery and clutching at their heart-strings about how cute Sarah and her boyfriend are. Just take a look at the comments on Twitter.

But others had one thing on their mind since the very beginning... how did she text him WHILE in the shower?!

Well, it turns out it's because she bought the latest iPhone, which can be submerged in water and still work fine.

This inevitably turned into a discussion about the new phone.

Well, friends, if that didn't warm the cockles of your cold, cold heart, at least you learned something new about Apple's latest offering.