The greatest wedding photos of 2018 are here to smack you right in the feels

The greatest wedding photos of 2018 are here to smack you right in the feels

There's an argument to be made that everyone's a photographer in the modern world. After all, this form of creativity is actively encouraged by social media, especially Instagram, where people vie to get the best possible snaps of their every day lives. But there are some occasions which call for a professional. Namely, special days like birthdays and, of course, weddings.

Even when photography was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today, if possible, couples would fork out to get a snap of them on their big day. And now that we're all photographers, the pressure is on for the pros to get snaps of weddings that give a whole new meaning to #InstaWorthy. So, without further ado, here are the best wedding photographs of 2018.

Selected by the Fearless Awards, where only two out of every 100 submitted pictures makes the cut, they're guaranteed to give you all the feels if you're in a relationship, and if you're kissing a wine glass instead of person under the mistletoe this year (like me), you can at least fantasize about what your future beau might be like...

1. The mountainous umbrella

Credit: Hendra Lesmana

The creativity in this picture is off the scale.

2. The best wedding photobomber a couple could ask for

Credit: Arturo Rodriguez

That bow tie though.

3. This is so clever

Credit: Jacki Bruniquel

The joy in this picture is so contagious that I feel happy just looking at it.

4. Weddings can be emotional events

Credit: Sam Docker

For fathers, it can be hard to hand their little girl over to someone else.

5. Age is just a number when it comes to having fun

Credit: Breda

If your grandma doesn't get merry at your wedding, is she even your grandma?

6. Love blossoming in two generations

Credit: Yure Richard

I really hope these kids grow up to be sweethearts.

7. Another epic photobomber

Credit: Pasquale Minniti

I wonder how that couple reacted when this dog inevitably ran into them.

8. Some people make unexpected friends on their big day

Credit: Andrey Julay

If this isn't #WeddingPhotographyGoals, I don't know what is.

9. Walking down the aisle

Credit: Miguel Ángel Muniesa

These photographers have such impressive creativity.

10. Happy tears between generations

Credit: Vinicius Fadul

Depending on what age you get married at, it can be particularly special to have some of the older people in your life attend.

11. This kid is beyond adorable

Credit: Virginia Gimeno

I love the fact that he's the only one posing for the camera.

12. The happiest of flower girls

Credit: Vlad Loboada

I hope she recreates this picture on her own wedding day.

13. Expensive trousers mean nothing when you're having fun

Credit: Michelle Estevez

I'd rather cut cool shapes on the D-floor than have a pristine outfit at the end of the night too.

14. A veil in the sunset

Credit: Alba Iulia

This picture would make an incredible painting, too.

15. Sometimes meeting the one can feel like you've been saved

Credit: Nayara Andrade

I really hope this groom met his bride while saving her from a fire.

16. It's not just bridesmaids who're after bouquets

Credit: Petr Wagenknecht

To be honest, if I was this bride, I'd have probably just let the cow have my bouquet.

17. If you gotta go, you gotta go...

Credit: Ja'eli Van Beveren

The woman helping the kid pee makes this picture IMO. Her face is priceless. It looks like she's listening to the tinkle.

18. This is beautiful

Credit: Sao Paulo

Proof that a picture really can say a thousand words.

19. A flower dress

Credit: Daniel Dumbrava

I love how this photographer has also included the men in this picture.

20. Talk about perfect timing

Credit: Fabio Mirulla

You can just tell this couple are going to have a lifetime of adventures together.

So there you have it - the best wedding photos of 2018. Have they inspired you? One thing's for sure, the creativity in them is so impressive that when I marry my Prince Charming, I'm going to ask the photographer to come up with a totally unique idea for my big day. Who knows? Maybe I'll be lucky enough to marry near a mountain and getting an "umbrella" photo of my own.