These are the countries where women have the highest sex drive

These are the countries where women have the highest sex drive

If we asked you to guess in which countries women have the highest sex drive, where would you say? Would it be passionate Spanish women? Feisty Italians? The notoriously romantic French? Well, you'd be wrong.

When asked to rate their own sex drives, 79 per cent of Finnish women, 78 per cent of Swedish women, 76 per cent of Danish women and 76 per cent of Norweigan women said that they had a “high” sex drive, with Irish women bagging the number five spot with 75 per cent. According to Victoria Milan, the only other countries which rival their sexy crown are Italy, where 34 per cent of women rated their sex drive as “very high” and Portugal, where 33 per cent gave the same response.

In the US, 69 per cent of female users described their sex drive as “high”; slightly lower than women from Australia or the UK, on 71 and 72 per cent respectively. Bottom of the list was the Czech Republic, with 47 per cent of women selecting this category, and just 20 per cent saying that they consider themselves as "being more interested in sex than the average woman."

woman kissing man's chest Credit: Pixabay/Stocksnap

The study may not speak for all women, given that it was compiled using data from the profiles of clients of Victoria Milan, a dating website designed specifically to help married individuals have affairs. The site, which is similar to the infamous Ashley Madison and operates under the tagline “Relive the passion - Find your affair”, has a staggering five million users worldwide and looked at the profiles of a million women to come to some saucy conclusions.

But why do Scandinavian ladies seem to be so much keener to get down and dirty compared to the rest of us? Victoria Milan’s Founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal, believes that it’s all to do with the comparatively high quality of life that women in these countries enjoy: "Scandinavian countries are globally recognised for their amazing standards of living - healthcare, salaries, living conditions and career opportunities are among the best in the world."

And he may be onto something here, as there was a direct correlation between strong economies and the number of women who rated their sex drive as in the top tiers. In fact, all four Scandinavian countries appear in the top 25 of the IMF’s ranking of countries by GDP per capita, which is widely considered the best economic measurement of a country's standard of living. “The analysis shows that the more comfortable life is and once these elements have been taken care of, women feel powerful and sensual - and have the time to indulge and invest in their sex life”, Mr Vedal said.

It could also be something to do with the fact that, according to an earlier survey by the same company, it seems that Scandinavian men may be among the most generous lovers on earth. When asked about how long their husbands spend pleasuring them during sex, the gentlemen of Denmark clocked up the most time, with 44 minutes. Fittingly, Finland and Sweden also made the top five, with 39 and 33 minutes respectively. Don't worry though, American men are also doing their wives proud, coming in second on the list with 41 minutes per session. Spare a thought for the women of South Africa, however; they receive just 15 minutes of the good stuff.

It's not only about the men though, because although this particular research may come from a fairly niche source, it is also backed up by earlier studies which indicated that Scandinavian ladies were also the world’s biggest buyers of sex toys, with Denmark and Sweden the top consumers. And rather than being based on those who cheat, this conclusion was reached by looking at who was buying the most popular products on Lovehoney, one of the world’s biggest online sex toy retailers.

Add in the fact that Scandinavian countries are consistently rated the highest in terms of happiness - Denmark, Norway and Finland have all held the top spot in the last few years - and you’ve got a chicken-or-the-egg conundrum for the modern age: does all the sex make you happy or does all the happiness make you sexy? I'll leave that for you to ponder. 

All in all, it sounds like if we want to increase our libidos we just need to earn a bit more money, take a bit more chill time, up our living conditions, give our careers a boost and find ourselves a partner that's willing to put the hard graft in. No pressure at all then.