This guy stopped his girlfriend using tampons because he wants to be 'the only thing inside her'

This guy stopped his girlfriend using tampons because he wants to be 'the only thing inside her'

Amongst the tales of heartbreak and romance gone awry, there's a special section in the book of relationship strife that details the plight of women who have to contend with overbearing men. While we've all heard stories of controlling boyfriends - get yourself out of that situation, stat, girl -  the story that we're telling today is more lighthearted, but nonetheless disturbing.

Certainly, in one of the more ridiculous things to come out of the internet, a tweet about a guy who won't let his girlfriend use tampons because he "wants to be the only thing inside" has gone viral. Yup.

The entirety of the internet was left seriously confused last week when it emerged that one man thinks that women are having a bit too much fun in the bathroom - when in reality, we're just soaking up mother nature's monthly grievance, and crying over boys in the cubicles (of course).

It all went down when a Twitter user called Krysty shared a snapshot of a text conversation between herself and an unnamed acquaintance. The woman asked Krysty for a sanitary pad, but when she informed her that she only had a tampon, the woman replied "Ok, thanks, but no. My boyfriend doesn't like it when I use tampons."

Now, while this was already weird enough, it took a twist when the woman revealed why her boyfriend was irrationally terrified of tampons. "He said he wants to be the only thing inside me," she continued. "I don't get it, but I respect it."

"This girl really just told me.. I don't... why would he...? OK SIS," Krysty captioned the conversation in utter disbelief.

I mean, the guy here clearly thinks that women use tampons to get themselves off.  And this is problematic for a number of reasons; firstly, men have no right to police what women do to stay hygienic and comfortable while menstruating, and secondly, if they're really worried that one-inch of cotton will be more stimulating than their penises, then they've got much bigger things to worry about than sanitary products.

As could be expected, the people of the internet were not pleased by the guy's ludicrous belief. "She respects it? he jealous of a tampon?? Lemme go because..." one Twitter user wrote, while another corroborated "He must be really inadequate down there if he's intimidated by a tampon. Oh boy".

A third person simply added, "I get it and I definitely don’t respect it."

But apparently, this guy isn't alone. A lot of men have been failed by sex education, as evidenced below...

For future reference, men of the world: periods are messy, painful and stand absolutely no chance of getting us women off. Jeez.