This woman ruthlessly refuses to stay friends with people once they have children

This woman ruthlessly refuses to stay friends with people once they have children

Things change when you have a baby. Sure, while Kylie Jenner can swiftly incorporate her Gucci baby-carrier into her "lewk" and skip off to Coachella just a few weeks after giving birth to baby Stormi, most people's lives completely change once they've got a little one in the picture.

Which is exactly why Nadia Bokody has decided to break up with her friends once they have kids. The Sydney-based writer has claimed that she refuses to stay friends even with those she's been closest to, simply because she knows that their priorities change.

She elaborated upon her controversial viewpoint to Femail, saying: "It's not for lack of trying, but ultimately their priorities changed once there was a little human relying on them for every second of its life and the ability to drop everything and meet up for cocktails was simply impossible".

She added that if she ever did catch up with her new-mum-friends, it was only ever on their terms and all they spoke about were their newborns. "Their children are their top priority, and I totally get that," she said.

When one of her good friends recently announced that she was pregnant, Nadia felt mixed emotions. "Knowing how long she'd been trying and how much effort she'd gone to get her life to a place where she was fully equipped to welcome a baby into the world with no regrets, my heart welled up with happiness for her," she said. "But I also experienced a deep and profound feeling of loss, because in that moment I knew our friendship was over."

The Australian simply accepts that she can't be friends with mothers, lamenting the loss of girlfriends who used to be up for spontaneous nights out, girlie weekend trips or conversations about things that weren't related to motherhood. This, however, seemed to upset some of her friends who refused to believe that their lives would change so much.

A disagreement flared up between one friend in particular who was offended by Nadia's assumptions.

"She was in total denial about the fact having a kid would change her life and swore she'd still be the same person," she explained. "Since giving birth two years ago I've seen her maybe twice and it's been super awkward, we just don't have anything in common anymore."

"Most of my friends who have had children actually readily acknowledge the fact that our friendships have dramatically changed as a result of their new life paths," Nadia went on. "Their children are their top priority, and I totally get that. I'm just glad we've been able to be honest about it."

She's not the only one who feels this way about people who have kids, though not everyone is bold enough to declare the death of their friendships in such a brash manner. Everyone is different, and whether you don't hang out as often or fall out completely, try to stay supportive of your friends who have just become parents. It's tough on them, too.