Woman savagely dumps her boyfriend during speech at her 21st birthday party

Woman savagely dumps her boyfriend during speech at her 21st birthday party

According to The University of Chicago's General Social Survey - which has routinely collected data since 1972 in order to help generate a better understanding of the attitudes, concerns, and experiences of American citizens - approximately 12% of men and seven percent of women admit to having had an extra-marital affair. Further studies suggest that around 30-40% of unmarried couples see at least one incident of sexual infidelity.

As a result, there are few people who haven't experienced infidelity in some form. Of course, each and every story is uniquely different, from the way in which the affair was initiated to the way in which it was handled once discovered.

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Some choose to stand-by their adulterous partners, with some high-profile examples such as Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, and Khloé Kardashian, while others decide that it's impossible to trust someone after they stray, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver. Immediately after she learned that the muscle-man had cheated on her with their housekeeper, and even fathered an illegitimate child, she filed for divorce. In Shriver's defense, that's a pretty inexcusable crime within a marriage.

In the past, most cases of divorce and separation were settled in the courts. However, in modern times cases are more commonly handled on social media, where anonymous users act as the judge and jury.

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One such case is that of Tiana Perea from Houston, Texas, who decided to stage an elaborate scene when dumping her boyfriend, whom she discovered had been sending illicit photographs to other girls during their relationship.

Rather than hide details of her private life behind perfect selfies and #ThrowbackThursday posts, Tiana decided to share the ugly truth.

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During celebrations for her 21st birthday, Tiana invited dozens of friends to her house to raise a glass to her status as an adult. Her boyfriend was present at the party, but totally unaware of the part he was to play in the festivities.

Watch the moment he realizes he's been busted...

Having all shared liquor shots, the group of friends cheers for Tiana. Already recording, they captured the moment that things turned sour. If they thought that the lemon they'd bitten into with their tequila was bitter, they hadn't seen anything yet.

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"I'd like to thank Santos for making me realize I deserve so much better," says Tiana, to a small cheer from her friends. "Because every single person here knows you were trying to f*** with some girl."

"All of us have seen screenshots," she continues, empowered by the reaction of her friends. "You were sexting her and sending her videos. You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today."

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At this point, Tiana's brother can be seen descending the stairs behind a bemused-looking Santos. In his hand, he can clearly be seen carrying a large duffle bag, evidently containing Santos' belongings.

"In case you hadn't figured it out, we're over and you can get the f**k out," says Tiana as Santos, admitting defeat and guilt, grabs the bag and walks towards the door.

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Her friends can be heard audibly cheering her on as Tiana then rounds on Santos' friend stating that if he knew anything about his friend's indiscretion he should also leave.

The clip has now been viewed more than five million times online, receiving mixed reviews from users on Twitter. Some believe it to be an elaborate display, orchestrated to gain Tiana some attention, others defend her decision stating that Santos got what he deserved by being unfaithful. But what do you think?