Woman tweets all the crazy, hilarious things her boyfriend says in his sleep

Woman tweets all the crazy, hilarious things her boyfriend says in his sleep

Moving in with a partner is a pretty big deal. You've accepted that you're in a committed adult relationship, and have figured out the delicate art of spending a bulk of time together without it leaving you irritable or exhausted. But while it comes with perks like split bills, infinite snuggling opportunities and a whole new selection of hoodies to "borrow", there are some downsides to living, eating and sleeping with your partner too.

For Caitlin, it was the sleeping part that proved difficult. The Twitter user from Kansas noticed that her boyfriend talks in his sleep, like, A LOT. But rather than cram pillows over her ears or rattle him awake, she decided to listen closely to figure out what he was dreaming about. Not only that, but she wrote down exactly what he was saying. No doubt it would have been funny for them to talk about the next morning, but Caitlin decided to do a good deed for humanity and share her boyfriend's sleepy ramblings with the world too.

Choosing Twitter as her medium, Caitlin started an account with the handle @sleep_sayings. Her Twitter bio simply reads: "My boyfriend talks in his sleep, so of course I put it on the internet." She quotes "Sir Lord Dick Pat" (her boyfriend, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and her feed is made up of the most hilarious outbursts. Take a look for yourself.

1. An eloquent observation

2. Sounds tragic

3. Dream big

4. Same

5. I ask myself the same thing

6. If you say so

7. I don't know but I want to see it

8. Know who's boss

9. Human surveillance camera

10. You tell 'em

11. Savage

12. Yikes


14. Fair enough

15. Yeah, where are they?

16. Where else?

17. Sounds like a sticky situation

18. Eww!

19. Of course they do

20. Nope, never

21. Sit and stay

Flying dogs? I don't know what kind of whacky dreams this guy is having, but most of them sound like a whole lotta fun.