Woman's revenge after finding out her husband cheated with a prostitute is totally bizarre

Woman's revenge after finding out her husband cheated with a prostitute is totally bizarre

In the majority of cases, cheating isn't something that can be condoned. I mean, if you truly love someone, there's no "good" excuse for locking lips with someone other than your partner - no matter how many alcoholic beverages were consumed prior to the fact. It's all about self control, and if you're actually needing to restrain yourself from getting it on with whomever is willing, it might be time to call it quits on your relationship.

However, there are several different paths a couple can go down after a nasty affair comes to light. Of course, the option of splitting up is always there, but many persevere and attempt to mend the situation at hand - believing that their relationship is worth salvaging.

Others deal with infidelity in more unconventional ways. Case in point: after finding out that her husband had been having a five-year-long affair with a sex worker, one woman decided to get revenge by charging him every single time time that they had sex.

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The woman, who has been using the pseudonym "Sarah", recently discovered that her lawyer husband had been having an affair with the same prostitute for five years. The couple, who reside in the West Midlands, had been married for 30 years. And naturally, the betrayal hit Sarah hard, especially because she believed that her marriage was largely happy.

Speaking to The Sunday Mercury, Sarah, who is in her 50's, revealed just how horrified she was after learning of her husband's indiscretion. "Why the same person?" she questioned. "The fact that it was the same person, that really does bother me. That is the main betrayal."

"If he’d screwed a few here and there I could accept it better. It would still be devastating, but I could accept it better."

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Sarah had questioned her husband's commitment in the past. Back in 2013, she rang a number on his phone which connected her to a massage parlour in Birmingham. And in 2015, she discovered some poppers hidden inside his office drawer.

The truth, however, was uncovered after Sarah talked to the other woman over the phone.

Sarah promptly underwent a HIV test, and when speaking about the experience, added "I know my worth, I know of all the women he could’ve chosen, I was the golden standard."

"A good woman is worth more than rubies, the Bible said, because she will keep herself just for him. I have invested so much in our marriage."

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Despite everything, Sarah decided to try to save her marriage. The couple still live together, and purportedly still get on. The man in question has since asserted that he has fallen in love with Sarah once again, and claims to have left his cheating ways behind.

However, the trust between the two isn't what it was and Sarah is now charging her husband a fee of £40 every time he wants to have sex - just as things had been with his former lover.

And in order to spare other people her ordeal, Sarah is pushing for brothels to enforce a code of conduct to prevent sex workers from monopolising one client. "I want to publicise just how damaging all this is, how hurtful it is to be left to try to make sense of it all," she stated.

Well, there you have it. While Sarah's method of taking revenge is decidedly unconventional, if it works for her then so be it.