You've found 'The One' if you do these 5 things right before bed

You've found 'The One' if you do these 5 things right before bed

You've been dating for a while, and maybe the sleepovers are getting more frequent or perhaps you've decided to move in with each other. It's a new stage in your relationship, and after the novelty of being able to stay up late and do whatever you want (wink wink) fades, you'll start getting into a pre-bedtime routine together.

Brushing your teeth is non-negotiable, but there a few others things you can do before bed to make your relationship stronger. I'm not just making this up – the happiest of couples maintain healthy nighttime habits that maximise moments spent together before nodding off. And if you and your partner already do these five things most nights, you can count yourself lucky, because it looks like you've found 'The One'.

1. You have intimate conversations, and don't talk about household chores

As mushy as it sounds, saying "I love you", expressing your gratitude for the other person, and talking about your hopes and dreams reinforces a strong connection - giving you a safe feeling right before you shut your eyes. That's how you know they're a keeper.

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2. You go to bed at the same time

Asking "should we go to bed now?" is something all happy couples do (unless, of course, your schedules make it impossible for you to go to bed at the same time). It's easy to get used to not falling asleep together, but it'll make you more disconnected and could also lead to a breakdown in trust.

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3. Looking into each other's eyes

Don't underestimate the power of this, because it's all too easy to roll onto your side while you wait for your partner to finish their bedtime routine. But turning to look into their eyes to say goodnight before bed does a lot to increase bonding (and maybe it will even incite intimacy).

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4. No screens

Getting rid of all phones, tablets and laptops before you go to bed is essential, not only for your health, but so you can spend the last few minutes of the day with each other without distractions. Couples with a technology bedroom ban tune into each other more, meaning they devote their attention to each other with meaningful discussions or maybe they show their affection in other ways.

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5. You touch/cuddle

Even if it's not sex – snuggling, spooning or just holding hands can do a lot to sustain your connection and tend to each other's physical needs. And don't underestimate saying "goodnight" and sealing it with a kiss – it's simple, but the physical and verbal affirmation set you up for a stronger relationship.

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6. You resolve issues and don't go to bed angry

Being able to compromise and admit you were wrong is so important, especially if it's getting close to bedtime. The strongest couples end the day on good terms, even if they've been arguing. Don't fall asleep fuming with your backs turned, but work to remind one another of your love and suggest to talk about it again in the morning if you must.

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Well, should you be changing something in your pre-bedtime routine, or have you already found 'The One'?