Selena Gomez responds to her fake tan disaster at the Met Gala

Selena Gomez responds to her fake tan disaster at the Met Gala

At the Met Gala, celebrities stunned the crowd with their audacious, extravagant outfits. This year the theme was "Catholic Imagination," which the A-listers interpreted in wildly creative ways. Rihanna dressed like the Pope, Katy Perry dressed like an angel, and Blake Lively really stole the show. She wore a regal silk and velvet Versace gown with a train so long she arrived in a party bus, an intricate bodice that took 600 hours to create, and a beaded clutch with an adorable secret message to her family. Nicely, done, Mrs. Reynolds.

Other stars caught criticism for their red carpet looks. People joked that Kris Jenner's dress resembled a feather duster, because she's "cleaning up after the mess Kanye made in the media." (Ha!) Jared Leto looked like he picked up a Jesus costume from a Halloween store. But actress/singer/Justin Bieber-dumper Selena Gomez may have caught the most flack online. She went juuuust a little crazy with the fake tan. By which I mean really crazy.

Oh, Selena. When it comes to spray tan, never go full-Donald Trump, full-Snooki from Jersey Shore or full-Oompa Loompa.

Selena's makeup was done by Hung Vanngo, a makeup artist and Marc Jacobs Beauty Global Artistry Ambassador. He said, ""After seeing Selena's dress for the Met Gala, we decided to go for a warm, glowy makeup look with dramatic, golden eyes and a nude lip." Some Selena fans agreed with this choice, arguing her warm, glowy makeup perfectly complemented the light neutral celestial dress.

However, others thought she went wayyy too dark, to the point of looking comical. In an interview, Selena said her look was inspired by Queen Esther in the Bible. Her critics made more unflattering (and hilarious) comparisons. A lot of people compared her to Ross Gellar from Friends, who accidentally spray-tanned his front multiple times in a memorable episode.

Or maybe she's more like a giddy first year student, making rookie mistakes.

Or maybe Selena and Kylie thought the theme was "Spongebob Squarepants?" (Actually, that would be a great Met Gala theme, don't you think?)

Well, it looks like Selena saw the criticism. She shared a video on Instagram that appears to respond to the fake tan disaster. In the video, she runs away from the camera, her long white ruffled dress trailing behind her. The caption reads "Me when I saw my pictures from MET," with a shrug emoji.

Hey, at least she can poke fun at herself! After all, she's been through a lot over the past few years, given her struggle with lupus, harrowing kidney transplant and public break-ups with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. She can handle a few jokes about her spray-tan. Oompa, loompa, doopity, doo...

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