Selena Gomez shares photo of her newly shaved head

Selena Gomez shares photo of her newly shaved head

Selena Gomez has been living large at the moment. It seems that the singer hasn't a second thought for her on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, having recently enjoyed a sunny vacation in Australia, and this week uploading a video of an epic-looking girls night in.

On top of that, the line of shoes she recently designed with Puma sold out this week, and to celebrate, the starlet thought a new haircut was in order. It's not the first time her usually tousled brown locks have had their turn at being styled and cut into drastic new ways.

There was the time she chopped it all off into a short, spiky bob.

And when she shocked fans by going platinum blonde – something completely different to her otherwise always auburn hair.

She then had these (temporary) rainbow bangs - definitely on the wilder side of her hair evolution.

But now, she's one-upped all those moments by making a seriously bold decision to shave her head. Now I don't know about you, but it's taken me too long to grow my locks out this much and if anyone were to approach me with clippers – I'd be running full-speed in the other direction.

Well, Selena proved to be braver than I am, and decided to mix up her look by getting an edgy undercut. While she didn't shave off all her hair, it's still a large portion that has been buzzed off at the nape of her neck. With her hair pulled up into a high pony, the undercut is clearly visible and really makes a statement. It's one of her most bad*ss moves yet, and I think she really pulls it off.

The starlet is currently in Germany to visit Puma, who she recently collaborated with to design her own shoe range. Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to swipe up the sneakers and they were sold out in no time. Selena debuted her new hair before hitting the stage for an interview at Puma HQ in Herzogenaurach, a town in Germany's Bavaria that is also home to the headquarters of Adidas.

Selena announced yesterday that she was in Germany, uploading a picture of herself wearing her Puma kicks in a restaurant with the caption, "Decided to come to Germany to meet my @puma family and THANK THEM and THANK YOU for my first shoe collab being sold out!! also for every shoe you bought, you gave to the lupus alliance foundation a donation!"

It was in Germany that Selena got her new 'do, and she entrusted the task to her go-to hairstylists from back home in LA, Marissa Marino and Tim Dueñas. Marissa styled the long plaited up-do, while Tim was given the task of shaving Selena's head. One can only imagine how nervous he must have been to raise those clippers to Selena's head.

"My girl #selenagomez at it again...she loves to keep me on my toes!," Marissa wrote on Instagram, also sharing pics of Selena's newly shaved head. This suggests that maybe it was a bit of a spontaneous decision.

Nevertheless, the bold new 'do looks pretty cool, and now all that's left to speculate is whether she'll start letting it growing out, or whether she'll get regular under-cuts to make the style more permanent...