20 utterly brutal responses to texts from exes that will make you shudder

20 utterly brutal responses to texts from exes that will make you shudder

We've all bad breakups, whether you were getting dumped or doing the dumping. I think I can best describe the situation with the titles to Taylor Swift songs: When your Love Story reaches its End Game, sometimes there's Bad Blood, and you can't Shake It Off. I Knew You Were Trouble. Everything Has Changed. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

Many people keep their exes in their phone because they can't let go. The poor optimistic fools hold out hope their former lover will take them back, no matter how slim. They're like Jim Carrey's character in Dumb and Dumber: When told their chances are one in a million, they reply, "So you're saying there's a chance!"

The Instagram account textsfromyourex shares the most savagely responses to texts from exes. Here are 20 utterly brutal - and hilarious - conversations.

1. I laughed

2. Savage

3. Give me another chnace

4. I hate cleeshays

5. He's cut off

6. How about the VCR repair shop?

7. I hear it's nice this time of year

8. I don't see color

9. It'll be worth millions some day

10. There's good reception underwater

11. They didn't have a good time

12. Taylor's had enough

13. Try asking again

14. It's all in the name

15. Seems like a fair exchange

16. And they say romance is dead

17. But it feels like it was only yesterday

18. Is that an "I'm single" ring?

19. How about Kepler-452b?

20. I think they're getting back together!!!

If you don't get along with your exes, you probably delete their numbers from your phone right now. After a few too many drinks, you might reach out, and find yourself on the receiving end of one of these savage burns. And as you look at your phone, shocked, your ex might respond with the title of a Taylor Swift song: Look What You Made Me Do.

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