This new dating app won't show you what your matches look like until you talk

This new dating app won't show you what your matches look like until you talk

In this ever-changing world that we are living in, the ways in which we interact with one another have altered hugely. This notion particularly applies to the world of dating, which has seen its old, archaic and largely-patriarchal values be stripped away in favour of more modernized and equal ones.

While courting someone used to follow the simple "man meets women in a location and asks her out on a date," it's now a much more complex field. In 2018, we are inundated with a host of different dating platforms and applications, with there seeming to be an app for everyone out there, no matter what their quirk or fetish may be.

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However, while these apps may have made the world of dating a more inclusive place, they have also led to numerous issues. More than ever before, we are basing our judgement on someone's appearance. Apps such as Tinder invite us to decide whether we want to date someone based on a few pictures and around three lines of text.

As anyone who has experienced being single in the digital world will tell you, it can be an exhausting and mind-numbing experience. Endlessly swiping through potential matches is soul-destroying and, despite the fact that we're constantly told that 'there's plenty more fish in the sea', it can seem like you will be alone for the rest of your life.

So, if you're sick of this shallow and callous world, you might be glad to hear that there is a new app that is aiming to change the world of dating. Vyve is offering up a legit way to cut through the endless selfies and gym pics, with it only allowing you to see your match's photos after you've stuck up a conversation.

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Essentially, the app is playing on the notion that personality is more important than appearance.

Also, unlike the other apps out there, Vyve involves no swipe action. The algorithm of the app matches users based on how they answer ice-breaker questions. Then, after 10-15 messages with your match, you can choose to unblur their photos.

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Chris Moskal, the founder of the Vyve, says that he was inspired to start the company after he realised that current dating apps don't dig deeper than someone's appearances.

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"[Vyve] creates a common ground that isn't possible on other apps," Juliana Scialabba, co-founder, Marketing Manager, and Graphic Designer for Vyve explained.

"This is a way to stand out with your words, not your pictures.

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"Vyve takes all of that physical judgment and puts it secondary to a good conversation," she said.

In order to get into the Vyve community, you must apply and sit on a waiting list until your application is approved. This process is designed to make Vyve a safe and comfortable environment for their users, with it wanting to maintain a level of integrity that you don't find on the likes of Tinder.

Lastly, Vyve has a clever tool to stop you from being overwhelmed with matches. Users can only see five matches at a time, making Vyve less about the numbers game and more about quality conversation.

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So, another addition to the already congested dating world. However, unlike most other options, at least Vyve offers up something more than d**k pics and bad dad jokes.