The $6 hack that pulls this much dirt out of your clean bras

The $6 hack that pulls this much dirt out of your clean bras

We all have completely different ideas when it comes to how often we should wash certain items of clothing.

And, to be honest, as long as we maintain a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene, does it really matter?

Well, probably not as much if we're talking about a pair of jeans or a cardigan, but when it comes to our undergarments - who'd want to live with the knowledge that they've been sweating through and shedding skin cells on the same piece of unwashed fabric for weeks, months (and god forbid) years on end?

Well, in order to highlight just how much dirt your bra collects through continuous use, one Australian mother has been letting other women in on one very useful hack which pulls a disturbing amount of dirt from your cleanest bras, let alone the dirty ones.

Emma was so mortified by the colour of the water when she used a method of strip washing on six of her bras that she decided to post the results in the 'Mums Who Clean' Facebook group.

"I did the soak thing on 6 of my bras … ewwwww," the caption reads.

bra hack Credit: Facebook

The most unsettling part of this little experiment was that all the dirt that had been collected was from after the bras had supposedly been through the washing machine.

Needless to say, plenty of women in the Facebook group were eager to learn which products Emma used for her strip wash.

"I did just a tablespoon of Cold Power and a tablespoon of [Sard] soak stuff," she replied. "Diluted that first in cold water. Added my bras and soaked for hour and a half."

As it turns out, the magic ingredient is Sard Wonder Eucalyptus Oxy Plus Power Stain Remover, which is available from Australian supermarket Coles for only $5.

"Omg I have to do this!!" one mom wrote. "That water scares me of what mine would look like."

"We might as well use that recipe to wash all our clothes if that’s the outcome after a wash, it’s crazy" another added.

"I did this soak on my pillows in the bath, they came out brand new!! Was very impressed," a third chimed in.

While the original strip clean hack uses borax, some mums have been tweaking it slightly based on what they have in their own bathroom cabinets - with results equally as impressive.