These Nike kitten heels are the latest crazy fashion trend

These Nike kitten heels are the latest crazy fashion trend

In the last few months we've seen everything from bejewelled Crocs to Crocs inspired handbags, and now, we've got something for those looking to take their athleisure look to the next level.

Enter Ancuta Sarca, who has been garnering traction on Instagram thanks to her upcycled Nike running shoes. The designer, who hails from Romania, has been taking her old trainers and transforming them into kitten heels, and it makes for a rather unique sartorial statement.

"I wanted to place to trainers in a different landscape and giving them a completely new function – elegant and feminine by pushing the boundaries of what they can become," Sarca explained to i-D. "I always loved the aesthetics [of Nike], it has a huge role in sportswear history and the logo looks rather funny and unexpected on heels.”

Sarca has always liked the idea of toying with athleisure, and feminising it to "make it fashion". However, the idea initially came to her when she realised she had a number of unused running shoes, and rather than throw them out, she decided to transform them into something she'd actually wear.

The result, which is decidedly avant garde, quickly caught the attention of social media users.

"Obsessed," wrote one Instagram user, while another added "20% gorgeous 80% disgusting AND I’M LOVING THEM."

Check out all of Sarca's designs below:

Well, these are sure to be divisive!