This new 'F*ckboy Tears' gin is about to become your favourite beverage

This new 'F*ckboy Tears' gin is about to become your favourite beverage

If you've ever been screwed over by a f*ckboy, you'll know just how painful and demoralising an experience it can be.

Whether said f*ckboy has cheated on you, disrespected you, or left you feeling undervalued in other ways, it can do a lot to sabotage your self-worth and overall happiness.

So if you're in need of a little pick me up after some particularly unpleasant dealings with a f*ckboy, then look no further because Firebox has you covered.

F*ckboy Tears Credit: Firebox

The online retailer has brought out a new bottle of gin 'flavoured with the sweet tears of f*ckboys', and it's the perfect beverage for a post-breakup night out.

Oooh and the juicy passionfruit and tropical mango flavoured gin contains sparkles - in case the whole "drink the tears of a f*ckboy" concept hasn't quite sold it for you.

F*ckboy Tears Credit: Firebox

To go with the product's inherent sassiness, the makers of the gin have continued their promotional copy in the same vein.

Indeed, their description for the gin liqueur is basically every 20-something-year-old victim of a f*ckboy:

"When he doesn’t believe in labels, starts speaking to you after months of silence, sends you ‘you up?’ or ‘Wyd? xx’ at 2 AM, begs for nudes and says all his exes are crazy… He’s a fuckboy.

You don’t deserve that. So we made them cry, then we bottled their sadness.

All that sweet retribution turned their salty tears into a juicy passionfruit and mango flavoured glittery gin liqueur. It’s the perfect partner for prosecco, tonic water and a slice of grapefruit. Swirl their tears around your glass to unlock a torrential wash of holographic shimmer, knowing no fuckboy is gonna mess you around again.

Warning: drinking too much of this may lead to rogue ex-texting. Be on your guard."

Get your very own bottle of F*ckboy Tears for £19.99 here.