What languages does Melania Trump speak? Six surprising facts about America's First Lady

What languages does Melania Trump speak? Six surprising facts about America's First Lady

It's hard not to judge someone who's married to Donald Trump, but it's evident that there's more to the First Lady than meets the eye - I mean, have you ever heard the answer to "what languages does Melania Trump speak?"

Despite Trump having one of the worst track records when it comes to having respect for women, Melania has stood by his side for over the last 20 years. When the former model walked into the White House, people predicted that she would bring a touch of glamour. However, her critics have slammed her as nothing more than a trophy wife - a term her husband has also used to describe her.

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Unexpectedly, Melania has become an internet sensation for other reasons; namely, because she's the master of fake clapping, brutally eye-rolling, and strutting away from her husband with "HELL NO" written all over her face.

what languages does Melania Trump speak Credit: PA

1. What languages does Melania Trump speak?

Melania is a talented linguist and speaks five languages.

She speaks her native Slovenian, as well as English, French, German and Italian.

In May 2017, she visited a children’s hospital in Italy where she reportedly chatted with sick kids in Italian without missing a beat.

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Her and Trump's son, Barron, also apparently speaks English, French and fluent Slovenian, despite being just 11 years old.

what languages does melania trump speak President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump dance at the Liberty Ball at the Washington Convention Center on January 20, 2017 (Credit: PA)

2. She was born in Communist Yugoslavia

Melania was born Melanija Knavs in 1970 in Sevnica, Slovenia, which was at that time part of Yugoslavia. Her parents, Amalija and Viktor Knavs, were by no means poor.

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Her father managed car dealerships for a state-owned vehicle manufacturer, and her mother for a children’s clothing company.

However, it must have been a whole world away from the gilded luxury of Trump Tower or the high ceilings of the White House. To be fair to the lady, she is pretty much living the American Dream.

what languages does melania trump speak United States President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump depart the White House in Washington (Credit: PA)

3. She’s more active abroad than at home

Melania’s reserved style of First Lady-ship is in marked contrast to previous presidents’ wives.

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She rarely gives speeches or interviews, and relatively little is known about her living situation inside the White House.

But she tends to be much more active when journeying abroad. She regularly takes to the podium to deliver speeches, and has been praised for her gracious nature.

melania trump Erstwhile President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump listen to Taps during a Veterans Day event at Madison Square Park November 11, 2019 (Credit: PA)

4. She didn’t want Trump to win

This is according to Micahel Wolff. The author spent 18 months interviewing figures within Trump's campaign team and administration, and claimed in his tell-all book Fire and Fury that:

“Shortly after 8 p.m. on Election Night, when the unexpected trend — Trump might actually win — seemed confirmed [...] Melania was in tears — and not of joy.”

It’s said that until this point, the whole plan of the election was to boost Trump’s public image. And that once the whole charade was over Melania "could return to inconspicuously lunching."

melania trump Donald Trump and Melania deliver their 2020 Christmas message (Credit: PA)

5. The Clintons went to her wedding

During the 2016 presidential camp, much was made of the dislike between Trump and the Clintons.

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But it wasn’t always the way. In fact, the Clintons and the Trumps were on good terms for many years, with the couple even attending Melania and Donald’s lavish 2005 wedding.

Melania even posted a cheeky #tbt throwback to it when she was actively using Instagram.

6. She doesn’t have a nanny

Known for being fiercely protective of her son, Barron and Melania didn’t move into the White House straight away. Instead, she stayed in New York because she wanted him to see out the school year in Manhattan.

She’s known for employing less staff than previous first ladies in her “East Wing” and said that she refused to hire a nanny after Barron’s birth because she felt that her child was her responsibility:

"I like to be hands-on. I think it's very important" she told PEOPLE magazine in 2015, adding: “He needs somebody as a parent there, so I am with him all the time.”

However, while Melania clearly has another side to her, she’s not without her critics. She has remained steadfastly quiet over accusations of Donald Trump’s infidelity, and the sexual assault accusations against him.

But with the eyes of the world upon her, in a job she didn’t exactly sign up and a child to protect, it’s hard not to have some sympathy for her. After all, she's going to come in for criticism for just about everything she does and doesn't do.

Plus, she’s tried to stop him tweeting - and if that isn’t proof that she’s trying to do some good, then I don’t know what is.