Woman gets ultimate revenge on cheap dinner date

Woman gets ultimate revenge on cheap dinner date

Modern technology has arguably wrought havoc over our love lives. Once privy to grand romantic gestures, we now have to contend with the likes of Hinge and Bumble to satisfy our dating needs. I mean, can you remember the days when it was common to receive mix-tapes and interact over phone? Indeed, some still boast about the time when the object of their affections arrived unexpectedly outside their doorstep, boombox in tow, blasting some catchy 80's anthem to declare their love, à la John Cusack in Say Anything.

And now, apparently, women are struggling to get their date to pay their fair share of the cheque. As heard on news.com.au's dating podcast, Ghosted, a woman called Judy ended up fleeing her date with a man after he failed to pay the bill several times.

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Initially, Judy was looking forward to meeting handsome businessman, Steve, after they started chatting on Tinder. When they realized they had lots in common, they made plans to meet for dinner.

"It was a really lovely dinner and I offered to pay, just to be nice, as I had a good time," Judy told the publication. "So, Steve said, ‘Next time dinner is on me.’ We organized another dinner a few days later. He ordered almost everything on the menu and all this wine and he’d said he’d be paying."

"It was like a feast, it lasted several hours. The talk was quite repetitive, the things he said on the second date were the same things he said on our first date, talking about his work and his family. He mostly spoke about himself. But it was okay, it was quite interesting," she continued.

However, when the cheque arrived, Steve told Judy that he'd left his wallet at home, and that she'd need to pay for dinner. Once again, he told her that the next meal would be on him.

This guy presented a PowerPoint to a woman he wanted to "hypothetically date": 

"He just walked off and I thought, 'Okay, I’ve got to pay'. I was annoyed as I’d travelled for 90 minutes to see him and dinner came to over $200. When I got home I called a friend who told me, 'He must be one of those guys who wants free dinners'," Judy said of the incident.

"But I decided to give him another chance. We went out again and it was another expensive restaurant and he ordered a lot of entrees, mains and plenty of wine. It was very boring, he was saying the same things he’d already said before. When it came to pay, I was thinking, 'I hope he doesn’t find a reason not to pay' and, if he did, I’d teach him a lesson."

And as you've probably guessed, when it came time to settle the bill, Steve told Judy there was "something wrong" with his account and that she'd have to pay, again. The bill came to over $250, but Judy was ready to follow through with her plan.

"I laughed and said my wallet was in my car. So I left and never returned. I did a runner! I was laughing the whole time, I’ve never done that in my life. I just walked out.”

This article originally appeared on VT.co