'World's most modified youth' shows off his most drastic body transformation

'World's most modified youth' shows off his most drastic body transformation

Every other person you meet on the street will have pierced ears or a tattoo - but Ethan Bramble isn't like most other people.

The 22-year-old has now modified 80 percent of his body and claims to be the "world's most modified youth".

These alterations include dozens of tattoos all over his body - including tattooed eyeballs - silicon spider implants, and a split tongue.

Why has Ethan changed 80 per cent of his body? Find out here:

Ethan, a father-of-one, recently appeared on Studio 10 to open up about his controversial appearance, claiming he loves how it looks and will never stop modifying his body.

The Australian man - who began remodelling his body at the age of 11 when he stretched his earlobes- claimed that his mother wasn't impressed in the beginning, but has since learned to accept his decisions.

"I just always thought it was really neat," he said. "I kind of enjoyed the different look of things. It's not an addiction, it's nothing like that. It's art, to a degree. At the start, she [Ethan's mother] wasn't too keen on it. When I got my eyeballs tattooed, she couldn't look at me in the eyes for like a month without tearing up."

Credit: @ethanmodboybramble/Instagram

He added: "I have always enjoyed how it looks. Growing up I was interested in Aztec design like nose poles and then as I got older I realised, wow, you can get more intense stuff done...you can get all kinds of weird and wacky stuff done."

Discussing his job prospects with the hosts, he admitted his look limits the number of fields he can work in, naming customer service a no-no. However, he insisted he doesn't want that type of employment, adding he was working in construction at the moment.

While he exudes self-confidence on his popular Instagram page - boasting 192,000 followers - Ethan admits that, behind the tattoos and implants, he suffers from anxiety.

Credit: @ethanmodboybramble/Instagram

"I have terrible social anxiety so when you are out in public and so many people are...asking questions and wanting to take photos with you and it can get a bit overwhelming and when it is an everyday occurrence, that's when it can get a bit frustrating," he said.

Despite some negative consequences from the modifications - Ethan couldn't eat and had to drink water from a syringe because he didn't know how to control his new tongue after his splitting operation - the 22-year-old father claims he would allow his daughter to change her body in any way she pleases once she's 18.

He said: "Once she turns 18, she's allowed to do whatever she likes. I might let her get her ears pierced earlier, but that's it."

Credit: @ethanmodboybramble/Instagram

The body mod enthusiast has also shared an incredible throwback image with his followers on Instagram, showing what he used to look like before the drastic body modifications:

So, what's next for the self-named "world's most modified youth"?

In the future, Ethan plans to get silicone implants in his genitals and claims the variety of changes to his body will make him the "coolest grandpa" if his daughter has children.

For more of his insane body modifications, visit his Instagram page here.