You can now get a car air freshener of your BFF's face so they're always next to you

You can now get a car air freshener of your BFF's face so they're always next to you

In the majority of cases, your car either smells like one of those traditional pine tree air fresheners, or the inside of a gym bag - and I think we can agree that neither of these scenarios make for the most pleasant of car journeys.

But if you want something to make your car smell a little bit more appealing to your next passenger - and to amuse them to boot - you might want to invest in one of these air fresheners which are personalised with people's faces. I mean, why wouldn't you want the head of your best friend or grandmother hanging from your rearview mirror?

air freshener Credit: Fire Box

The air fresheners were created by a brand called Fresh Face - which you can purchase at Fire Box - and you can personalise them on both sides with a selfie or a photo of someone special.

Fresh Face comes in five unique scents, including bacon, coffee, fresh linen, island breeze, and new car.

A pack of three car air fresheners will set you back $20.19, but can you really put a price on having your bestie's face by your side as you're driving through town? We think not.

Use a picture of your mum, your dog or your roommate - but either way, you're guaranteed to have a better car journey on account of being able to stare into the eyes of a loved one.

air fresehner Credit: Fire Box

Ordering is super simple. All you need to do is select a scent, add a high-quality photograph that you want to personalise it with, and just like that - you've got yourself a wonderfully awkward car journey.

Well, I don't know about you, but it looks like I have my Christmas shopping sorted...