All moms can relate to North West raiding Kim Kardashian's makeup stash

All moms can relate to North West raiding Kim Kardashian's makeup stash

While North West is just one of the many intimidating celebrity kids out there, she's perhaps the most precocious. Whether she's completely nonplussed about the fact that she's sitting next to Anna Wintour at New York Fashion week, or managing to top her mother's infamous tantrums, it's evident that though Kim launched the Kardashian family into superstardom, North West is taking it from here...

But irrespective of all the fame and fortune that North is due to inherit, she's still a toddler and as such, she just loves running riot in Kim's makeup bag - which as you can imagine, is full of rather pricey items...

In a video posted to her Instagram stories, the mother-of-three shared the moment when she caught her first-born covered in blue eyeshadow after raiding her beauty closet. Yes, we're also very jealous of North right now.

Catching Nori, er, rather blue-handed, Kim captured the moment when she found her daughter with an eyeshadow brush in hand, covering her entire face with eyeshadow from her eponymous line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty.

Dressed in a red kimono and with a pink ribbon in her hair, North couldn't stop giggling as she showcased her makeup skills to her mother. And mums everywhere can relate - I mean, if you have a daughter (or a son!) chances are they have taken every opportunity to wreck havoc with your lipstick and eyeshadow palettes. Kim, however, took it in her stride and could be heard laughing along, telling her "Stop it! Hey, that’s not how you put on eyeshadow!"

Putting aside this particularly sweet interchange, the people of the internet recently took issue with the 37-year-old for straightening North's hair on her fifth birthday. And seriously, given how many times Kim has been accused of cultural appropriation, you'd think that she would be more careful when it comes to her daughter's textured, black hair.

After North was spotted with straightened hair, many took to Twitter to criticise the mother-of-three.

"North West is still a baby and has straight hair. I know we all had straight hair too at that age but it’s 2018! The enlightened YouTube era! Come on KimberYe get it together," one Twitter user asserted, while another corroborated "I really hate how the Kardashians keep straightening that poor baby’s hair tho. North west gonna have heat damage before she’s 10 - before I even knew what a straightener was smh."

Another third individual wrote, "People going on about how “f*cking gorgeous” North West is now that her hair has been straightened."

Others, however, maintained that Kim can style her daughter's hair in any way she likes.

"Kim has taken such good care of North’s curls over the years. The comments about North’s hair being straightened is tired. First of all, mind your own children," one social media user wrote.

Well, it certainly seems as if the Kardashians can't get one bit of good press without some drama seeping in...