Britney Spears just shared an adorable throwback photo of herself that has us all nostalgic

Britney Spears just shared an adorable throwback photo of herself that has us all nostalgic

Alongside her musical endeavours, Britney Spears is known for her skills on the dance-floor. Whether she's throwing it down opposite Madonna in Me Against the Music, or styling it out by herself in hit singles such as Gimme More, one thing is for sure: everyone's favourite '90s crush is a woman of many talents.

I mean, who didn't spend a significant portion of their childhood attempting to mimic the moves in Hit Me Baby One More Time or Crazy? And let's not forget the impeccable choreography of her music video for Toxic (which was perfectly recreated by an actual flight attendant, btw). Whether it's in her videos or on stage, you can't deny that she has the moves.

And after a recent picture the star uploaded to Instagram, it's easy to see why. Judging by the throwback photo of herself, Britney began dancing at a very young age. The 36-year-old proved that she was always passionate about dance and performance as a child, writing "#TBT" in the caption to accompany an adorable picture of herself as a kid wearing a pink tutu.

Behold, and try not to squeal at how cute she is:

The scrunchie, the analog picture quality, the generous amount of frills, and Britney's dead-serious expression as she strikes a ballerina pose is all too much, and the nostalgia of it all has hit us right in the feels. Fans bombarded the image with heart-eyed emojis and variations of "awww" and "so cute".

"You were born to become a star," one person wrote, while another gushed: "A princess then and a queen now". "Waaaaah, so cute !!" someone else exclaimed, while this person commented something we can all agree with: "Awww I love baby brit".

It comes after Britney's been posting increasingly more dance-inspired workout videos from home. She's preparing for her round of shows over the summer as she tours across the US and Europe, and she's set to send everyone down memory lane yet again.

Britney's also posted a few workout videos with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. The 24-year-old is an aspiring actor and a fitness coach, and the workouts they do together look as adorable as they are tough. They kiss when meeting in the middle while doing situps and crunches, and Sam uses Britney in place of a barbell to do chest presses. They also incorporate partnered dance moves into their workouts, no doubt satisfying Britney's inner ballerina.

Britney has two kids, 12-year-old Sean Preston and his younger brother Jayden James, who is 11. She had them with her now ex-husband Kevin Federline, who she divorced in 2007. She's been dating Sam for 18 months now, after meeting on the set of her 2016 music video for Slumber Party.

Well, it seems like things are going really well for Britney, and let's see – maybe she an Sam will decide to have a child together in the future too. I sure hope so, only for the fact that Britney can recreate her adorable tutu-picture for us all to coo over. Please let it happen.