'Game of Thrones' final season leak sees the return of a key character

'Game of Thrones' final season leak sees the return of a key character

Alright, alright, the final season of Game of Thrones is still another year away, but we can't help but keep talking about it. Especially since there's such a huge gap between 2017's season seven and the eighth and final one, we know that it's going to be BIG. There'll be fewer episodes than normal, but each one is said to be like its own feature film. Filming is well underway, meaning people are keeping their eyes peeled for familiar faces from the hit HBO show as they film around Northern Ireland and inside the studios based in Belfast.

But... people weren't expecting to see this face again. An actor from the previous seasons uploaded a pic to Instagram revealing that they were staying at the hotel in Belfast frequented by GOT actors, and you can figure out what that means. Before I reveal the name, I'll give you another chance to click away because in case you haven't realised yet, this post contains spoilers.

The Instagram upload was particularly interesting because the actor was quick to remove it from the social media site – maybe following a slap on the wrist by HBO... I mean, no-one suspected that this guy would be back. The actor in question? Wilf Scolding, who starred as Rhaegar Targaryen in the show's most recent episode – season seven's finale.

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The Welsh actor became the face of the name that was always talked about by other characters throughout the entire series. Rhaegar is one of the most significant characters in the show, and the bombshell flashback that featured Rhaegar in the finale confirmed that Jon Snow is a legitimate heir to the throne.

Yes, yes it's all a very convoluted backstory that also reveals other things like that Jon is actually banging his aunt, but the important thing to note is that Rhaegar will be back. 

While Wilf's selfie standing outside the Europa Hotel didn't last long on his Instagram, the diligent fans that Throners are were quick to screenshot the upload and share it to Twitter.

People commented on the post saying that HBO was going to be giving Wilf a "talking-to". They also agreed that the fact that the post had been taken down so quickly "confirmed that it was legit" that new scenes were being filmed with Rhaegar.

As to what they might be more filming? Well, people can only assume that it's more flashbacks of Rhaegar, seeing as he died way back. Some are speculating we'll see flashbacks of the oft-talked about Tourney at Harrenhal – where he scandalously presented his victor's prize to Lyanna Stark instead of his own wife Elia.

Again, it's a lot to explain, so just look it up yourself. OR wait for the next season to see what actually happens. In any case, the fact that they're (probably) going to be doing more flashbacks is sure to be a far more entertaining (and efficient) way to elaborate on the important backstory of Jon Snow's real father than if Samwell Tarly or Bran had to reveal it.

The big news is that – judging by the increased amount of flashbacks featuring Rhaegar – Jon Snow is probably going to learn about his lineage and that he has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne.

Hoo boy, it's going to be great.