Kim Kardashian has put an end to her feud with former assistant Stephanie Shepherd

Kim Kardashian has put an end to her feud with former assistant Stephanie Shepherd

When it comes to the extended Kardashian family, every part of their lives becomes news-worthy. That means even minor professional and personal relationships often become fraught and susceptible to becoming a scandal. Kim Kardashian's assistant Stephanie Shepherd started working with her in 2013, and soon became incredibly close with both Kim and other members of her family - but things didn't end too well between the two of them.

Even though Stephanie was close enough to the family that she would regularly go on vacation with Kim and her sisters, she was allegedly fired from Kim's employment towards the end of 2017. At the time, an insider revealed to People magazine the story behind-the-scenes.

"Kim made a decision to let Stephanie go,” the anonymous source said in November. "She was a good assistant, but when Stephanie wanted to transition into a larger role with Kim’s brand and businesses, it just didn’t work."

"Kim gave her the chance, but after a short period of time it became clear that Stephanie just didn’t have the knowledge to take on a role like that. Kim made an executive decision to part ways. She and Kim aren’t really speaking."

Another source said that she was dropped because their relationship wasn't professional enough, as she was "almost part of the family". In addition to this, Shepherd's status as a Kardashian assistant quickly rose to her own position as a celebrity with a huge following on social media.

"Kim needed an assistant where the relationship is more professional. It's very difficult to work with friends, so Kim decided to hire someone else. The bottom line is that Steph was hired as an assistant, and Kim wanted to keep it like that. They are not friends now."

"Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity. For a regular girl, she has a huge social media following. She loves the attention, but it took away from her job. There was a feeling that being Kim’s assistant, Steph should stay more in the background. But Kim is the one who helped her get the followers by posting pictures with Steph."

Then, soon after the rumored dismissal,  Stephanie posted a cryptic message to her Instagram story, which fans believed was her throwing shade at Kim. In a self-care-orientated post, she wrote that self-care isn't always the same, writing that "sometimes, it's going to bed @ 8pm or letting go of a bad friend".

stephanie shepherd instagram kim kardashian Credit: Instagram / Stephanie Shepherd

"It's forgiving yourself for not meeting your impossible standards & understanding you are worth it," she added. "Self-care isn't always luxury but a mean for survival."

Now, however,  it seems like the feud has come to an end. The internet was overflowing with images from Kourtney Kardashian's 39th birthday party, including snapchats from Kim, including the friend she had supposedly left behind.

kim kardashian snapchat Credit: Snapchat / Kim Kardashian

It appears that whatever bad blood their was behind the previously-inseparable pair, the disagreement has been dealt with. Rather than not speaking together at all, it looks like they're back to their old ways once again.