Lisa Rinna's daughter is being criticised on Instagram over her 'inappropriate' prom dress

Lisa Rinna's daughter is being criticised on Instagram over her 'inappropriate' prom dress

The great thing about the internet is that everyone who uses it is free to express their opinion. The bad thing about the internet, on the other hand, is that everyone who uses it is free to express their opinion.

So, when the sort-of-famous daughter of a reasonably-more-famous celebrity posts a picture of her prom dress on Instagram, you can bet that everyone and their opinionated dog are going to roll up to contribute their two cents about the matter.

Amelia Gray Hamlin, the model daughter of actress Lisa Rinna, recently caused a stir on the social media platform when she posted a snap of herself in her prom getup with the caption, "Can't hide the gang". And, as you'll see, the gang certainly were not hidden.

Almost immediately, the picture attracted a swarm of likes and comments - but not all of them were positive. In fact, a lot of them attacked the 16-year-old for having the audacity to show a part of her body.

"You are a teenager completely inappropriate, period," commented @therealdanaj.

"Leave something to the imagination honey," added @biddy_baby. "You're too young for all this. Enjoy your youth for just a lil while longer precious."

"That's not attractive girl," wrote @janaholdsworth.

Meanwhile, Hamlin's mother decided to show all the negative Nellies out there that she was not bothered by her daughter's decision to wear a particular dress, and showed her support by posting a picture of the teen with her friends.

Unfortunately, the trolls showed up there as well.

Insta user @1bluebull said, "Prom is one thing , the runway is another. My daughter would not leave my house at that age, with a cut that revealing."

"Repulsive for a girl of her age," added @rodziczakmalea. "No modesty or morals being taught in that house."

However, some people did chip in with some support for Rinna and her daughter.

"Honestly, I'm so disappointed by how I'm seeing adults behave," wrote @justinagrace73.

"First, it's up to Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton [sic] to disapprove/approve of Amelia's prom dress. Second, you may be posting on her Mother's page but don't think for one second that her daughter doesn't see these negative comments. This is a form of bullying and more then [sic] a bit ridiculous! How would ANY of you like to get posts like these about your children?


Ultimately, no matter these people's opinions on Hamlin's dress, they're really not doing much good by ranting about it on her Insta feed. What's more, it's not like she exposed herself at all. In fact, in her job as a model, Hamlin has frequently posted bikini shots which show a lot more skin - yet there has been nowhere near as much outrage on those.

Sure, the dress might be a little more daring than other girls' outfits, but so what? She's rocking the look, and - judging by the second picture - it looks like she and her friends were really excited for the night. Let's hope she managed to ignore all the haters and have a good time regardless of what other people might have thought.